Fuck you *dazedlittlemiss!

That’s the offline message I got last night on messenger chat. This is the stupid guy who’s been begging me to get naked for him on webcam. Yeah,  fuck me!

Fuck me, what was I thinking even adding this loser and entertaining him? I’m so glad I didn’t do anything stupid with him. I really hate these internet arseholes. I thought he was just going to be one of those internet friends that you talk about things. You know, culture and travel or what is happening in the world and things like that. Unfortunately this guy isn’t exactly the brightest of bulbs, as demonstrated by that message after I refused to entertain him any further.

Ridiculous. I didn’t  reply because I’m not interested in any sort of exchange with him or any man right now. Get fucking lost!

Another one, about three days ago. I was online and this guy is actually a real life friend. We have never, ever indulged in any conversation that was sexual. I think you can imagine my surprise when he got online and after seeing me logged in the first comment was: You looked sexy in that *blue dress. This was followed by a wink.  I ignored him then he went ahead to tell me how rude I was being. I told him to get lost, I didn’t feel like chatting to him. He logged off.


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