I’m starting to appreciate the joys of daytime TV, especially after the past X Factor-saturated weekend. I had to painfully sit through the cheese fest that was the finale. I hate that program, but my family just can’t get enough of it. I’m glad I never watched a single episode before this. In fact, for the past three months or so I haven’t been watching any TV. Maybe that’s why I’m spending the early days of my holiday permanently perched on the sofa devouring everything the box has to offer.

Yesterday, I attended a family member’s graduation ceremony in London. It was amazing. Everyone was out and about with their families and friends, beaming with pride. All I could think of during the ceremony was ‘It’s me next’. In a few months time, it will be me…and then what? Sigh.

And then…well…so many things.

I’ve already started planning on going away somewhere. Try a new life in a different country. Catch a break. I’m looking at different options at the moment. My view is: I’m still young. I can do anything with my life. Anything I want, and if I’m getting fed up with life here, why not challenge myself and go somewhere different? It’s a big world out there. I’m starting two foreign language lessons at the end of week. I hope it’s for the best.

The Italian was right.

“Get out of there and travel bella. See the world.”

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