My mum got a call yesterday from some woman at UK Borders. It’s about my brother, he needs to travel out of the country for a school trip but as I mentioned before due to the complications that have risen, we are now not sure if he will. I don’t know what it is with these people but with the way they are going about issues, I’m tempted to assume they are either a.) skilled in scare mongering tactics b.) not the shiniest tools in the box. My mum thinks they didn’t even go to school altogether!

This woman calls her to, supposedly, update her on my brother’s case ( they detained him and took away his passport and student I.D at Gatwick Airport) Mind you, my brother is underage! This was after my mum’s application got stuck in their distorted entanglement of bureaucracy. My mum was at work when this happened. She left everything and rushed to the airport to get my brother. Next day we received a letter citing the reason for taking my brother’s documents as; ‘it appears the person concerned forged the  documents’. I’m sorry, what!? I think they’re having a laugh here. For Pete’s sake, my brother is underage! Underage. Underage. Underage. This boy does not even know how the inside of his passport looks like! My mum keeps his passport for him and gives it to him when he needs to travel. At the airport! So where the flipping heck did they get this one from? It’s just simply farcical!

It would have made sense for them to say, ” Since you’ve still got a case pending with the Home Office, I’m afraid your son will not be able to travel out of the country.”

That is more believable. Right now we are not sure whether he is going to miss out on this trip or not. He’s due to travel in about two weeks. My mum got off the phone, ” Do these people know if I wanted I could sue them for causing emotional distress to my son?”

“I could sue them for serious money!”

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  1. uninvoked Says:

    Poor guy. Sounds like he’s a little young to be treated that way.

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