I didn’t make any new year resolution simply because I believe in doing things when I feel like it. I’ve wasted a considerable amount of my life not going for the things I love, so I don’t need resolutions to push me. I will just get up and go for it. I’ve observed my behavior in the past few days and it seems I’m slowly growing up into a different person. It could be due to being a year older but I would like to think that the personal sessions of self-evaluation have really paid off. I find myself being more positive even when things are not on track. I find myself consciously making an effort to be happy. Making an effort to enjoy the little things in life. I love this.

For instance, yesterday my mum called me ( I’m back at uni) and started telling me off for not having agreed with my dad on a particular issue. Yes I did not agree with him. In fact, I blatantly refused to do what he told me to do. It was something to do with my as yet to be determined career. My mum insisted I should apologise and just say yes to his face (and do what I want later) because he’s going through a tough time and feels as if his children don’t look up to him anymore. I do not plan on doing that because I’m not interested in being a hypocrite. I’m an adult and I can choose what I want to do with my life, and I have the right to tell my parents of my position without any fear of upsetting them. I know we are going through a difficult time financially but that does not mean I can’t subscribe to different views from my parents. Afterall, I’m the one living my life and I know myself best. If I succeed, it’s for the good of all in the family.

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