It’s Valentine’s Day. Fish is gone.

A few days after he asked me about my friends situation I decided to tell him  the truth. I didn’t want to get into a lot of details about it, just the basics. He understood. He said it’s OK and that it’s perfectly normal to be in my situation. We spent a few more days together and I loved it. I loved the fact that I could trust him. He’s whole and stable. I think I mentioned that is one major reason that makes me like him. On Wednesday however, he got a call from his boss saying they are transferring him to a branch out of the country. A branch in his home country. Remember? So, he had to travel on Thursday. I didn’t talk to him until yesterday. He was asking me if I’m OK. We talked a lot and he told me he will be in the position until September. It’s a temporary position but coming back to work in the UK branch has not been discussed. He’s four hours away so it’s not  the other side of the world but I’m crushed.

We had connection problems  at the end of his call last night so we didn’t finish properly on the phone but he texted me later explaining and told me not to worry about a thing.

I just want to run away.

Happy Valentine’s to all of you.

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  1. gekkogirl Says:

    Oh that sucks 😦 x

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