This girl that King was cheating on me with sent me an IM a week ago asking me how he was. She apparently had not heard from him in a long time. I told him he’s fine and logged off. The cheek of this bitch. Not to make myself feel better or anything but I believe I touched a nerve with King. He definitely learnt a lesson or two from the ranting I did after I found out about his cheating ways. He cancelled his account on the social networking site where he met this girl. He hasn’t been online on Skype and the other messenger that I used to talk to him with since November. Prior to that he told me things were getting pretty hectic, his dad wasn’t impressed with his performance and he was preparing for his final project. He’s due to finish uni this February. I’m not sitting here waiting for him. I don’t want a man like him but this girl just reminded me of that bullshit. Whatever he does with his life, good luck to him.

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