The amount of creepy people walking around never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday my mother sent me email from my dad’s address and all I wanted to do after reading it was laugh out loud. My mum and dad live in each other’s mail boxes, they know each other’s passwords e.t.c. Apparently this shameless guy has been contacting my mum for a while now. It started on Facebook (my mum opened her account because she wanted to keep in touch with a member of a certain organisation she is doing research and writing articles for) five months ago. Facebook being Facebook, old friends and family started randomly adding her. This is where this guy found her. He added my brother first whom he’s never met, by this time I had deleted my account. Next, he added my mum. She ignored him. He added her again. She ignored him. He added her the third time with an accompanying message asking if he had disappointed her in any way. My mother ignored, did not reply and deleted her account promptly. Now can someone just say out loud: CREEP. My mother has never met this guy! Why is he randomly adding her and asking if she’s disappointed in him? I think there is something missing in his head. On top of that, it’s bloody annoying and disrespectful!

My mother chose not to tell me and not to focus on it because frankly she’ll be the one to tell you she has no time for such absurdity I was done and dusted with this guy around Christmas 2008. Christmas 2009 he sent a message, which was ignored. It seems he still doesn’t get the picture. He started emailing my dad! For fuck’s sake…my father! He found him on facebook…again. My father is there only for networking purposes, but somehow he managed to find him and tell him that he knows me and my brother, that he is now working e.t.c. Mate, nobody fucking cares! Well, since my dad didn’t know about him or that we were involved at one time, he just thought he was an old friends of his kids, so he entertained him and they continued communicating. Absolutely unbelievable. My mother just happened to hear my dad talk about this guy he met on facebook who was a friend of me and my brother and how he now works in country X e.t.c. He mentioned the name and my mum’s alarms went off. She crept into his email and address and there it was. Disgusting.

I told my mum to ignore him and leave dad alone. If he wants to continue talking to him about whatever, that’s his problem. I also told her not to mention that I was involved with him at some point. My dad now thinks it’s just another person he’s networking with e.t.c. WHAT. A. LOSER.

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