A letter from the Royal Navy and Marines came through the post. Apparently they’ve tried to reach me on my phone (an unknown number has come through but I never pick those!). Now, I can’t for the life of me remember when I ever contacted these people for a  career in the navy. I don’t even know how to swim! OK, I’m taking classes but my progress dare I say is painfully slow. My arms keep sinking and I have this weird feeling that once I let go of the floats I’m going to bang my head on something. Very frustrating. Anyway, I sat in the kitchen having breakfast and laughing with the letter in my hand as I tried to rack my brain. I looked at the date 25th May, where was I on 25th May? On 25th May I had a very boring lecture in the morning and spent most of the day pretending to do research in the library. Just as I was about to give up, I saw at the end of the letter something about ‘if they can’t reach me then it will not be possible for them to give feedback to my careers office.’  Aha!

I know what happened. I went to the careers office at uni about five months ago. I wanted advice on how to find jobs related to my degree and with the skills that I have. I basically just needed someone to show me the way. They normally take student’s details just to check up on them after a year and find out what they are up to. What they didn’t tell me is that they also pass our details to potential employers. OK, that in itself is very good, but could they please pass these details to relevant employers?  Afterall I did leave the details of the course I’m doing and the particular skills I had and even went ahead to discuss at length the kind of field I wanted to get into. I mean, seriously, if they are going to do this they might as well do it right, not give student’s details out for them to be spammed.

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