You see with this girl, we don’t talk anymore. More like she stopped talking to me. I got tired of her bossy ways, she caught on and stopped talking to me. I was especially pissed with the way the landlord treated her like she was the head of house. All the information about stuff in the house like when we’d have viewings (the house is on sale) or when the plumber would come to do repairs would be communicated to her. Not the other housemates, just her. Do I really care that much about who gets to be told what? No. I just like to feel that I also matter. I pay rent here, I don’t squat. I may not be able to afford some of those fine things she and her friends have but I make sure my rent is paid on time every month.

Does it bother me that she doesn’t speak to me? No. I’ve wasted so much time being nice to people in the past I think it’s time I started being selfish.

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