I think Barclays Boy is married. The first day we met he was driving a different car and I’ve just remembered I saw something like one of those signs you put on your window saying baby on board, only this one said munchkin.

Munchkin = Baby, no?

OK, I’m not sure about this, it could be someone else’s car and maybe I’m trying to looking for something that is not there. Today however, I saw a picture of a woman holding a baby in his wallet. Thrice. I never bothered to so much as linger for more than a few seconds looking at that picture because I don’t want to know. I also don’t care. Really? You ask. Yes, Really.

This is my thought process:

Is BB cheating? Maybe yes, probably not. Why, because I know men. It’s just sex, nothing more. Once he’s had enough of it, he’ll leave and I’ll be more than glad to part ways. If he came to me with that ‘oh-i-really-like-you-and-i-miss you, you-mean-so-much-to-me’ sentimental crap then I’d run away. Fast. And then keep on running some more because that would be the unmistakable reek of an affair. When I think about men sometimes I chuckle because I’ve seen it all. All of it. I’ve seen them in their pathetic and broken man mode, their I love you so much I want to marry you mode, right down to their complete bastard mode.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

 That’s why I remain pertinent on matters men. That’s why I have and never will cheat on a man I love but will try to remain objective when he does. Is it just physical? If yes, can he stop? If the answer is still yes, then we’ll happily move on. If it’s more than just sex, then I’d get very worried and it would be tremendously difficult for me to stay.

BB is going to Wales  for a two-week break next week. He told me his father lives there so he’ll be visiting him. I’m sure he’ll be taking his family along,   OK, maybe not, afterall I’m just speculating. While parting today he asked for my phone number and my email address and asked me to think of him while he was away. Eeeerm, OK?

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  1. gekkogirl Says:

    Be careful hun. Look after yourself x

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