You know those statements that people make wishing for somebody to die? I presume 99.999 of people don’t ever mean anything, literally, but  today I  want my landlord to die. Really. I wish he would have a heart attack in the toilet or fall down the stairs, and his wife to follow suit,  from a heart attack too or shock.

Or maybe a big snow boulder. I want a big snow boulder to fall on their house at night and kill them all.

Or something. I don’t know, armed robbers, car accident in the snowy roads.

I am so angry I don’t feel anything, even the cold :-‘( . Aaaaargh…

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  1. Maxxy Says:

    Good to see you’re getting into the Christmas Spirit… 😉

  2. Brennig Says:

    Oh dear. Hope you’re ok.

  3. BlackLOG Says:

    Reading between the lines has you land lord let you down on the heating front…? On a positive side, as you said yourself, he has got you so angry that you don’t even feel the cold…

    Is that not a result all around….?

    OK perhaps not, how about this then, find out when he is out and drop an anonymous note through his letter box thanking him for all the sex this year. Then when his wife finds it she will do the killing for you and also the time for the crime….An alternative is to send the same note to her, make sure he gets it and let him kill her and spend time in prison. Or if you really want them both dead two simultaneous notes the choice is yours….

    • The heating among other things. Yes, me not feeling the cold anymore could be a result in itself, but I feel like being very nasty so maybe I shall take your sexy note advice?

      *Heading off to be creative*

  4. Hope you’re ok x

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