There is this creepy children’s programme on  CBeebies called Waybuloo.  I came across it one morning when I  didn’t have anything to do in the house and all the other early morning programmes had nothing special to offer so I decided to watch some children’s TV. After the usual line up, it came up. I was multitasking; applying for jobs online while stealing the occasional glance at the telly. I first heard the weird chimes, and I thought, ‘What? Did I change the channel?’, then I looked up and saw these  colourful and  totally otherworldly crystals going round and round. I thought,’ Hang on a minute, is this CBeebies?’  Then the little people came up, creepily mumbling things. At this point I thought to myself that there was something inherently wrong about this but didn’t know what, so I continued watching it until I got to the part where they have their daily yoga sessions, they call it yogi in Waybuloo world. The little people encourage the children watching to get into position  and do the yogi too. What the hell?

I’m usually not one of those conspiracy theory types but surely there is an agenda behind this? The programme is just too ‘let’s get all hippy, meditate, chant and we shall achieve a peaceful state of mind’. And what does that remind you of? I thought children’s programmes are supposed to be secular? They should let them grow up and make up their own minds on religion that’s what I think. If I had little ones I would never let them watch this programme. But then again, maybe all the ‘progressive’ yummy mummies think this is cool. Anyway, even more creepy was the fact that on the day that I took a fall in the snow – I think it was the first and the heaviest snow day last week – there was a woman and her little girl walking behind me and she kept telling her to hurry up so that they could get home, be warm and watch Waybuloo.

‘We don’t want to miss Waybuloo, do we?’ she kept repeating this before lifting her up, and at this exact moment I fell and landed straight on my bum. There was a bloke in front of the woman – I hadn’t seen him earlier on, he rushed to help me up but I had managed to get myself up quickly enough so all he did was end up saying, ‘Be careful please,’ and off he went. The woman and her child then walked casually past me as I was dusting the snow off and got into a house four doors away.

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