The internet connection where I live now is shit. I can’t be bothered to compose a post,  lose it,  compose it again and so on – I don’t think my last post was lucid either because of this. So I shall take a little rest for a few days. Hope you are all well and doing the Christmassy thing with great relish.

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  1. BlackLOG Says:

    If you are having trouble you could compose your blog off line in something like word/notebook outlook etc and then copy and past it into your blog. Then you don’t have to worry if your blog crashes….

  2. yes i did think of that way, and that’s probably what i’ll do now.just wanted to give it a little rest, because the urge to smash the computer was just too much

  3. Maxxy Says:


    Hope you’re ok. Just a quick note to say I am now officially a bonefide DADDY !!!! YAY

    Little Girl weighing 6lb 15oz. Very tiring !!!! LOL

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