I spent christmas and new year, in fact all the way up to my birthday battling a terrible chest infection, putting up with the annoying smell of  antibiotics. I got the same  old advice: drink plenty of fluids, eat, fruits, finish this course and take plenty of  rest. Tried to do all that,  and cough seemed to disappear, but I had no energy at all. Couldnt get out of bed, had to literally drag myself to get anywhere. Pretty annoying but decided I’m going to beat it.

Anyway, right about after new year I decided to go shopping. There’s a big supermarket about 45 minutes. Struggled to drag myself to the bus stop, got in…phew at least I’m not walking, I think. We get to the bus stop at the supermarket I look around and realise I didn’t know where the bus going back stopped. Feeling very weak I decide I’ll take a taxi on my way back. I call a number I had and enquire how much it would cost  me, I think not too bad. Shopping done in a hazy state, I call the taxi guys and they tell me they’ll be at the supermarket in 15 minutes. I say Ok, sit down on frozen bench outside and wait. It was already dark and every one was getting in their car. The bastards.

Minutes pass, taxi stops right in front of me.

“Alice, are you Alice”

 He seems too keen to drive off, so I get in. Of course I’m not Alice.

I say yes, get in and he tells me the direction we’re going which of course isn’t the same as mine. So he’s driving out of the supermarket confused and I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to stick to this’. I tell him about every other minute that some one must have made a mistake e.t.c Luckily enough he’s a nice guy so he changes the sat and off we go. On the way I’m crossing my fingers and hoping Alice doesn’t call HQ to complain about a taxi she booked, be cause I had no story for that. Nothing of the sort happens and I get home and wonder what happened to Alice and my taxi and whether the taxi that I took got informed by the HQ that it was the wrong passenger.

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