I keep finding one of my housemate’s hair strands all over the kitchen. I hate it because it’s disgusting and nasty. It also shows how lacking she is in her personal hygiene. I mean, how careless have you got to be to let your hair fall out all over the kitchen? We eat there for crying out loud. If she has a breakage problem she needs to make sure she is very careful when she is in the kitchen. It’s everywhere, even in the fridge. Yuck! I know it’s hers because she is the only blonde in the house.

Come to think of it, she is overall one of those people who¬†make me go mmmh. We get along, but I tend to feel she’s a very selfish girl who tries really hard not to show it. Sorry love, but I see right through you. She wants things to be done her way. She’ll moan about the house not being clean if someone else did it, but if she’s the one responsible, she’ll keep quiet about it until she cleans it. I also don’t get the fact that sometimes she’ll just whizz pass people in the house and not greet anyone. I’m not saying just because we live together we should best friends ( far from it, I wouldn’t want her insincere self as a friend) but when you live with people, at least show some enthusiasm.

Now if I could only find a way of getting that smug smile off her face, especially when she thinks she’s making a very intelligent suggestion about the house. Bitch.