I’m on my bed, editing my CV and cover letter. I have a mock interview in the afternoon with my tutor and I’m very excited! It’s strange but I suddenly feel like ‘this is it’. This, is what I have been looking for all along. It’s only about three days ago that I realised how wrong I was going about the whole CV writing process ( it’s not surprising the process seemed very mundane to me). I wanted to be mad at myself for not doing enough research, but this time I said no. I decided to be happy instead because I believe everything happens for a reason. Who knows? This could be my time, to actually get prospective employers to notice me. Maybe I wasnt meant to get it right the first time and get that part-time job or work experience because I wouldnt have been good at it. To be honest, I’m glad because the last two years of my life have been so broken and confused I would probably have been fired within days of joining any productive team.

 I’m hoping the exercise goes well tomorrow. Here’s to me…♥…!