Spoke to Fish this weekend. That made me smile. He kept calling me by name too, I don’t know why I guess he missed talking to me because I certainly did miss him a  lot. Things at his place of work are getting less hectic and it looks like I’ll be able to talk to him more starting from the end of June. Well, I’m looking forwards to that 🙂


Saw Fish’s smile again (and his handsome face :-D) today for the first time in a while. Also ‘met’ his mum. God, the sight of that man makes my heart dance. I just can’t stop smiling. Our conversations have been very intense in the past few days. He now has about two weeks before the new assignment. I don’t know what today meant. I have a lot of things going on in my head but I don’t want to focus on that. I just want to think of his smile. Such a beautiful man.