For some reason after my swimming lessons yesterday, I found myself opening the door to the men’s showers instead of the ladies’. Trust me, I don’t know where my mind was either. Luckily there was only one guy taking a shower with his back facing me (phew!) and there was one who was fully dressed and coming out. He was so nice about it.

“Nothing to worry about, it happens,” he said as he combed his hair.

“I’ll show you where yours are”

I thanked him and followed him. It’s refreshing how people can be so civilised. I’m also surprised that as much as the situation was embarrassing, I didn’t feel any embarrassment myself. I just apologised and said I was a bit confused that day, looked the bloke straight in the eye as if nothing had happened as he explained to me where to go. What a funny moment but I think I had too much in my mind to care about anything.


Well, I got ticket vouchers worth £10 from the bus company today through the post. This was after I sent two emails, and then another one on Monday morning threatening to take the case to the students advice body if I didn’t hear from them in one more week. I guess that worked because the vouchers came with an apology letter. About time. I think the fact I used my uni email address to communicate with them also helped matters a lot. I think it showed that I have some form of support to turn to so they didn’t dare double cross me.

Anyway, I just started swimming lessons today. It was so much fun and I hope to build my confidence with every lesson that I have, even if it’s just once a week. I’m on a high today because I looked back and it seems most of the things I listed down on sticky notes plastered all over my room seem to be happening. This is really good for me as I desperately need to turn my life around. Now if only I can keep up with the saving and the getting a job bit.