I’m sad 😦 My hair’s falling out because of too much stress. My GP says there’s nothing he can do about it. Just try to control your stress levels and eat really really well. It will settle down, he says.

I can’t afford to eat really really well. 😦

But I’m going to get some iron and zinc supplements tomorrow.


I’m well and truly knackered. Yesterday I had breakfast at 7 ish. Went to uni and spent the whole day there. We had this workshop that was running the whole day. I enjoyed myself despite being hungry through out. During breaks I didn’t have any money on me, couldn’t go home to grab something (no bus fare) so spent that time in the library suppressing my hunger pangs. Got home at around 6 ish in the evening, made a simple pasta dish and promptly went to sleep. Woke up at around midnight with terrible stomach pains. Took some painkillers, read a chapter from Love Nest by Julia Llewellyn (yeah I read such) then went to bed again. I still have some stomach pains. Sometimes I don’t understand my body at all. I’ve had very many problems due to not eating well, and most of the times it really scares me. I know stress plays it’s part too. My GP started me on a daily iron intake mid last year because since mid 2006 I’ve been terribly anaemic, partly due to very heavy periods and of course not eating well.  I was also diagnosed with PCOS last year, something which I try not to think about and  my GP who refused to put me on any medication since I’m not overweight (far from it), or showing any other symptoms of this condition, except maybe crippling period pains, which most of the times are not related to PCOS anyway says medication is not really necessary as he doesn’t see it affecting anything at the moment. Anyway, I do try my best to keep my body in top condition.

I also learnt that I passed the first part of my project yesterday. I’m very pleased. If things go well with this project I’m working on, I might even end up with a 2:1. Not bad for a struggling little miss like me I guess. It probably shows I’m capable of doing far better without all the stress around me.