Can you believe me? I was reading The Mammoth Book Of Erotica at work yesterday. I  sat there behind the till reading it and having naughty thoughts while waiting for customers. Yeah, that’s how physically lonely I feel. Anyway, it was a good afternoon. The manager wasn’t there and I was left in charge of not only the place, but also of a new volunteer. So I showed her around and felt really important. She even thought I’d worked there for a long time and was very surprised to learn that it’s only been three weeks since I started. Yay 🙂 I like feeling useful.

I handed in my project. That’s me done. At this point any grade will do as long as it’s not a fail. We have a very small project coming up for about three weeks, so I hope I’ll scrape some marks from that to top up the overall grade. Other than that it’s summer. Very hot and I’m happy to show some skin 😛


I must say volunteering is great. You know the way you always hear people say that volunteering makes you feel good about yourself, it makes a difference and all those clichés? Well, they are  true. I had my first day on Friday and the atmosphere was so nice. Everyone was friendly and I felt like I was helping out. I felt like I was really needed. Looking forwards to my second day this week.  🙂


I just started a volunteering  job this week. It’s only about five hours a week but it’s great as it will keep me occupied during the weekend. I also need something to put on my CV for this summer because I want to save money and the only option at the moment is to have more than one job. So, after graduation I’ll keep looking for a serious job. By serious I mean something related to my field of study and then the experience that I’ll be getting from this volunteering position will be illustrated on my CV  in order to get another/any  job(s). I figured that is the only way I’m going to save enough money within a short time. I’m trying to be realistic here. I would hate to just sit at home  applying  for jobs, go for interviews and watch as the days go by without any serious offer materializing. I’d rather do any kind of work and have money coming in for the time being so I can save.